Salman Muqtadir’s Revenge On Mohammad Rassel Was Too Harsh

We all have heard the recent story where Salman Muqtadir’s Bike was taken away by Evaly. Claiming that this was not even his bike in the first place and they have delivered it in the wrong neighborhood and realized it after 3 months. Salman Muqtadir, being the son of an Army Federal didn’t think twice and has efficiently used his powers for great use.

Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel

Yes, Mohammad Rassel arrested by RAB today at 4 pm. Who is behind all these? No one hasn’t got any evidence yet. Mohammad Rassel may be behind the bars but we all know who is behind the mastermind. As we all know Salman Muqtadir, a guy full of attitude and ego and Mohammad Rassel thought he could hamper it.

Salman has proved to the mass public what he is capable of and what happens to someone if they come to hamper his ego, with his Daddy’s influence ofcourse.

All these Arrests By Salman Muqtadir Only For A Bike?

Don’t get him wrong here. Salman Muqtadir has always been claiming he has been there for people and always will be there for people. And this is where he proved his words. When this Youtube celebrity saw that no one was taking action against Evaly and its CEO Mohammad Rassel, who is a great manipulator with no doubt, he came to the rescue. Everyone was just getting fooled by Mohammad Rassel while eating popcorn watching him flee the country with tons of money, Salman Muqtadir has used his influence to stop the public from getting fooled.

The Young Star didn’t understand the pain of the other Evaly clients until it happened to himself. Well, others didn’t even receive their product whereas Salman Muqtadir had receive one bike and later taken away by them. Ahh, such pain!!! When he realized that it’s more painful than giving birth he came to his senses and called up his dad’s RAB friends for Backup.

Later on, we have seen how the RAB entered the CEO’s house knock at his door saying the classic line of theirs.

And now? Behind The Bars with tons of DEBT. Ending with a famous quote ” The best revenge is to take revenge”

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