Samira Khan Mahi Looks Different In Every Other Picture

Samira Khan Mahi is a model, TV actor, and social media presence from Bangladesh. She came in second place in the Rang RTV (Bangladesh) 2020 Colors Model Search-2014. Farjana Yesmin Koly is her true name, while Samira Khan Mahi is her stage name. But does her face changes with her name? The tv actress looks different in every other picture that she uploads.

You see the picture first then see the name and wonder who is this Samira Khan Mahi again? You go up to her profile and see it’s the same Mahi that you follow. Pretty interesting isn’t it? But the question is why. Does she change her look every day? How is this even possible.

Literally Every Fan Of Samira Khan Mahi Everyday:

Samira Khan Mahi always claims that she loves to travel and learn about this world, and meeting new people is one of her favorite pastimes. She believes so many people have interesting stories to share, and learning about them makes her really excited. But she never told us the reason behind her disguise. That makes her fan follower pretty sad as they always try to look like her but apparently she changes herself daily.

Those whose ideal person is Samira Khan Mahi are very disappointed in her. One of the followers of Mahi stated ” She is the prettiest person I know and definitely my idol when it comes to beauty. But it seems like my idol changes every day.”

“One day I show my friends that this is my idol and later on the next day when I show a new uploaded Instagram picture to them asking look at my idol so pretty. They reply with: wasn’t someone else was your idol the last day? Do you change your idol daily?”

And this is how every Mahi’s fans’ day goes.

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