ShopKeeper Sold Dead Cockroaches Mixed In Dry Chilies

The cost of dry chilies is rising, and so is the cost of this shopkeeper’s wallet. How can you find the best connections to purchase it at a low price and sell it to the customer at a cheaper price than the other shops in a big marketplace of dry chilies? thinks every shopkeeper. However, what this shopkeeper has in mind is the polar opposite of conducting business ethically. “Dry chili may have prices rising but the cockroaches don’t”

You might have heard some dirty businesses going on around the globe but this shopkeeper is beyond a dirty businessman. Does he kill people? No, he mixes dead cockroaches in bulk dry chilies.

Nurullah just went out to buy some fresh vegetables and some dry chilis cause his mom is gonna make some fresh Khichuri for his birthday. Sadly, he went to that Cockroach guy for some dry chili.

Nurullah Returned With 3 Cockroaches And Some Dry Chilies

Nurullah didn’t realize he got cOt till he went to her mother with veggies. For some cleaning, Mom opened the dried chili package. After scattering the chilis, two antenna were discovered in the chilis. “What are them, exactly? Chilies with antennae that are dry? Wait what!!! Did you happen to go to an animal store, Nurullah?”

Nurullah didn’t know why she asked this question. But man after seeing those alien dry chilies he exactly knew what it was. Instantly taking it to the shopkeeper for a refund.

“Dear sir, what are these? Can you clarify to me how did these cockroaches get mixed with these dry chilies, please? Do you have an animal side business or do you let your pet eat these dry chilies with cockroaches?” – Nurullah to Shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper denies the fact that he has bought these Dry Chillies from him and threatens to do a case for defamation of his successful business.

” I don’t remember you buy buying these dry chilies from me, are you trying to trap me? Do you know that Im Officer Kholil’s relative? I can file a complaint against you for defamation”

And that’s how this shopkeeper is roaming freely doing business.

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