Soborno Isaac Wants To Be President In Order To Eradicate Taliban

So, the boy wonder who was Bangladeshi,-then-converted-to-Indian now wants to free the Islamic world of the blight that the west has created during the early 80s. Soborno Isaac now wants to believe he can eradicate Taliban when he gets elected for president in the year 2048. Yeah, you heard that one right. All this coming from his YouTube channel.

Soborno Isaac Wants To Fight Back

The child prodigy is a 9-year-old genius. That has the likes of Harvard and Oxford looking into him for applying very soon. He probably could be the real life Sheldon Cooper, except for the Texas redneck background. Thing is, tho, we’re not sure if his genius is actually shown for good or carried out to a degree that is exploitive. Something we already wrote about.

Soborno Isaac in India

Soborno now wants to make it clear, that he is joining the fight against the insurgents. That have taken over Afghanistan. That he is hoping that when he becomes president, he’ll completely eradicate the militia group from the face of the Earth. Pretty much straight forward, assertive American shtick with the flag beside him.

Problem is, we don’t even know if 27 years later, the Taliban will still exist, or they’ll change regime, or you know, change their names. This is highly speculative and ridiculous wishful thinking. It’s in pure bad taste to let parents use their kid as some political tool right now.

And the US getting involved in Middle-East crisis affairs, is the last thing anybody else need right now. Even if it’s a Bengali-American Muslim, giving the US another reason to get involved into a situation they’ve created. A big no-no. Afghanistan is a giant civil mess. It’s too complicated of a situation that not even a genius kid can solve.

Written by Excalibruh

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