SRK Shuts Down WhatsApp Server For 6hours As NCB Was Going To Check Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp Chat

Following a raid on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai, Bollywood superstar SRK’s son, Aryan Khan, is expected to be arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Some local TV stations broadcast leaked video footage showing a confused Aryan Khan sitting with a few others at the NCB office, with the possibility of more big names appearing.

Aryan’s phone and WhatsApp chats may include proof that he was ordering and consuming narcotics on a daily basis, according to a report. According to the newspaper, the evidence against SRK’s son is strong,’ and to detain shortly.

Super Dad SRK

However, with great power comes great responsibilities. SRK did what he had to do. After talking with the NCB for hours, no scope was being seen for Aryan Khan’s release. Moreover, as they were asking Aryan Khan (SRK’s son) to show his chat history on WhatsApp, the Bollywood king played the real game.

He has turned down the server of WhatsApp for 6 hours straight through his networks. And yet we were wondering what happened to these social media sites. Nevertheless, he has taken all the responsibilities of its stock going down and promised to pay back the 7billions to Zuckerberg.

With just one simple call he has shaken the entire NCB team. The deal of WhatsApp and SRK was to keep the server down till the NCB releases him out of frustration. And yes, after 6 hours NCB has released SRK’s son Aryan Khan as they failed to check out his messages.

We knew what this Bollywood King can do but can he go this far? I guess he just did for his beloved son. As SRK mentions in one of his interviews that he is a family guy and can do anything for his family. Even after such shoots, he manages to figure out the time for his family.

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