Tamim Iqbal Is Earning More From “Nagad” Than Playing In The National Team

Tamim Iqbal, the opening batsman for Bangladesh has decided not to play for Bangladesh this T20 World Cup. Well, as he mentioned there is some inside politics going on Bangladesh Cricket Board, also that he is injured. But I think non of them is true. During the World Cup matches, we also come across Tamim Iqbal every time. Yea, not in the GAME but in the Nagad advertisements.

Why would you travel a ton to play for the national team and earn only a few? Whereas you can just earn a ton just by staying in your country without any pressure on you to perform well. At this point, that’s what is going on in Tamim Iqbal’s mind. In the end, the fans of Bangladesh Cricket will end up not appreciating the efforts.

Nagad Taking Advantage Of Tamim Iqbal

Every now and then Tamim Iqbal is seen on television coming up in every Nagad ad and sports talk show on Facebook on behalf of Nagad. From all the worshiping from Tamim we can see that Nagad has bought Tamim Iqbal.

According to a source, Tamim has been earning more from Nagad than if he had played for the Bangladesh national team. And there is no inside politics going on there on the board but it’s just Tamim’s choice for not playing. Did Tamim do this for the money? Did he have it all planned with Nagad? Who knows.

Bangladesh team is missing Tamim Iqbal a lot as he is one of the senior players left in this squad. And a good opening batsman is seen empty in this squad whereas Tamim Iqbal is only coming to the Nagad sports talkshow to talk about what Bangladesh should be doing and whatnot. Instead of flying to Oman and helping his team with his experience, he is attending the talk show for money.

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