Teacher Uploads Math Solving Videos To Po*n Sites

The global education system has been drastically altered as a result of the Corona outbreak. Reading via video conversations on the internet has grown popular. However, not everyone in the online class would comprehend everything equally. Many professors post-class footage online for the benefit of their students. On the other hand, our math teacher, Changshu, did the unthinkable.

However, an outstanding math teacher, Changshu, in Taiwan just published a video of herself teaching a class. However, the debate has begun over the online site to which he has posted it.

Changshu is the name of a math instructor in Taiwan. On a po*n website, he has over 200 math-solving online training. Despite the fact that no video of that teacher deals with s*x. Everything is based on mathematics.

Changshu, 34, has a master’s degree in mathematics, arithmetic, according to the source. He was a teacher in a Taiwanese school. He used to utilize YouTube to post online training videos. Later, he began uploading his videos to YouTube and an adult website.

Changshu informed a local media outlet that he submitted the maths solving footage because of the adult site’s popularity. He also stated that a large number of individuals use that site to watch videos.

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