Teens Have A New Favorite Show In Town; VPN Use Down In Bangladesh

After teen-favorite websites were banned in Bangladesh, VPN became their only option for existence. Teens have been suffering from the websites that have been outlawed in our country for years. However, the number of people using VPNs in Bangladesh has dropped significantly. If you’re wondering what the secret is, teenagers can enlighten you. According to Enayed from Gopalganj Medical College, the Bangladeshi media has finally understood the teen’s desires. They are rocking the teenager’s machines with their new show.

Hoichoi from the Teens deserves a special mention. They just produced a Bangla series called MisMatch, which has captured the hearts of youth. Hoichoi is currently producing content that is overwhelming for teenagers. Rather than wasting time setting up a VPN and connecting to it, customers can now simply log onto Hoichoi and see those VPN-banned contents for free.

VPN Banned On Bangladesh?

Although the information is not verified, VPNs are on the approach of being banned in Bangladesh. Surprised? I don’t think so. Well, cyber professionals have observed how VPNs have grown in popularity and how they have become standard software for all teenagers. It is now up to the government to ban their only means of accessing useful websites, thus complicating the lives of youngsters.

Hoichoi, on the other hand, is making every effort to reach out to teenagers and supply them with exclusive content through its VPN-free service. With all of their money going into a unique content. They are now effective in attracting teenagers away from their site.

According to recent data, VPN usage in Bangladesh is at an all-time low. Hoichoi appears to be gaining a lot of traction, and Bangladesh isn’t happy about it. They intended to put a stop to these materials, but teenagers always find a method to gain access to special stuff.

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