The Dog Pooping Is Now Becoming Endemic In Uttara

Looks like doggies are all out there, looking for that one spot to drop that deuce or pile up on deuces. Yes, that’s a thing, I shutter to think about it more. Dogs in Bangladesh are weird, Uttara dogs though, are a league of their own.

What do I mean by this? Well, ever since, the pandemic here has entered stage 2 thanks to a new strain, people are stuck at home. More so now, dogs are roaming out the streets, care free. Not like they have human responsibilities.

Poopoo Here, Poopoo There

Am baffled by how many poop spots I’ve seen on the streets, these dogs are even sleazy as heck. They don’t bother to poop at trees, just over the walking pavements or anything that isn’t tarmac. And they’re also big, sometimes I think vagrants are defecating outside on the road.

Not only that, but these poppers are chunky as heck. The chunkiest ones are the worst, their size is representative of how much they eat, so that means their poop sizes will be bigger. People are walking over them, cars are driving over them, your Foodpanda guy is having to clean his tire thanks to having contact.

Have these dogs no sensibilities at all?! Where do they get the right and gumption to just drop their s#!t everywhere? It’s unnerving having to just walk by looking at those brown, stinking, fecal matters. Not only that, but it is far more crazier in sector 3 and sector 5. It’s like they’re competing against San Francisco for no. of pooping per days on the street. Google Map, get your game in here, seriously.

God help me if I see another poop drop, I will buy a scooper myself and personally drop them to the drain. I think I should start an initiative as well. Get the people round up about it too. What do you think?

Written by Excalibruh

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