The Great Bangladeshi Dream Is To Leave Bangladesh

A dream is what keeps us alive and pushes us on in our pursuit of greater achievement. Being a doctor, a scientist, or anything like that. They each have their own ambitions to contribute to the society of their own countries. Bangladeshis, on the other hand, have different dreams than the rest of the world. It’s unlike any other random boy or girl’s or girl’s dream. While residents in other nations consider how to help their country, Bangladeshi’s consider how to flee the country. Rabbi is no exception.

What’s The Biggest Success Career In Bangladesh?

From the perspective of a Bangladeshi parent, becoming an engineer or a doctor is not a success. It is a triumph if you are able to obtain a European VISA and depart the country. Rabbi’s parents had always wanted him to flee the nation once he had faced all of the repercussions in this country. At the very least, Rabbi desired this because of the country’s current condition, which includes a lack of freedom of speech and daily political concerns. He had become dissatisfied with the nation and desired to leave as soon as possible.

Bangladeshi Dream

Is it the existing situation of the country, or is there anything shady going on with Rabbi’s intentions? Rabbi’s parents finally put all they had into getting Rabbi a VISA so he could study for his master’s degree in Europe and get a permanent job there once he graduated from North South University. Rabbi’s actual aim, however, did not appear to be to settle in Europe. He didn’t join the University of Toronto as soon as he moved to Canada for his master’s degree. However, he went to work for a local construction company. Is this the reason his parents have him there? Rafi’s goal has always been to get out of the country. He knew there were lots of girls in Europe-based countries because he was a women druggie. He now just works as a construction worker in the mornings and regularly visits nightclubs at night.

This isn’t only Rabbi’s tale; it’s the narrative of hundreds of Bangladeshis who are leaving the nation.

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