The Lady Who Fell In love With Obaidul Quader At First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well few of us do and some of us don’t. It’s a very controversial topic among the whole world. Is it just infatuation or are you actually in LOVE? Obaidul Quader, a famous politician, has a huge fan base of his own kind. Where love and affection are shown to Quader, unlike any other politician. Like any other person on his fanbase, a lady has fallen in love with him at first sight.

It all started in a conference meeting. While Obaidul Quader was heading to a meeting he has to attend, his fanbase was waiting for him to come. But what makes the lady different from any other lady from his fanbase? That smile, Senorita, that one single smile. The media was all over Obaidul Quader while his eyes were somewhere else.

Obaidul Quader – The Player

The media somehow managed to capture the lady whose eyes were all over the politician the whole time. Softly smiling and blushing she was while staring at him. However, when Quader caught her staring at him, he stared back. Instantly making the girl laugh out with a wide smile.

It was like she achieved heaven on earth, according to her face. With two of them staring at each other made the people believe that love, at first sight, is true and pure.

But wait, does all love, at first sight, ends instantly? Cause they did! After all the laughing and eye flirting, the lady looked at her phone.

Obaidul Quader on Twitter: "Victory Day At Eden College 15-12-2016… "
Obaidul Quader With The Ladies

We have assumed she has seen the unseen. The lady has seen all the photos of him being a fanny magnet. She is not the only one he is flirting with but there are tons who are begging for some Quader.

Her smile turned into a frown full of depression and sadness. What a twist! So, Do you believe in Love at first sight?

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