This Family Is The Proof: We Are Evolving, Just Backwards

Jesus Aceves was born with a unique disease that causes him to have abundant facial hair. His family has hypertrichosis in about 30 individuals, making them very definitely the hairiest family in human history. They appear in Eva Aridjis‘ documentary Chuy, The Wolf Man, which will be released in Mexico later this month.

Aceves’ thick, black hair that covers his full-face earned him the moniker “The Little Wolf” as a youngster. Aceves grew raised in the tiny town of Loreto in northwest Mexico. Hee his family was ostracized by the locals due to his looks.

He began going from city to city to work at fairgrounds when he was 12 years old. Jesus Acevessold tickets for a Ferris wheel one summer and maintained a kiosk where visitors could explode balloons to win prizes the next. He was spotted there by a circus owner.

Jesus Aceves Fortune

In Eva Aridjis’ film Chuy, The Wolf Man, Aceves states, “My Life in the circus began when I was 13.” Aceves’ two younger cousins, Larry and Danny, had both been born with hypertrichosis by the time the circus owner enquired whether any other family members had the same disease.

“The man stated that he would pay us handsomely and that he desired all of us. He promised to shelter us and provide us with money. ‘Yes,’ I said.”

The circus signed the three boys and they spent several years touring across Mexico greeting audiences and having their pictures taken.

Aceves’ mother accompanied him everywhere, and they always had a pleasant place to stay and enough food to eat, but there was one thing he didn’t enjoy. “We were always confined. They disguised us as attractions so that we wouldn’t be noticed on the street. I didn’t enjoy being locked away so that no one could see us.”

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