Umbrella Gang Debuts In Mohammadpur, Other Gangs Nervous

The city of gangsters, Mohammadpur, is well-known. The area is packed with gangsters, ranging in age from 13 to adulthood. The neighborhood is known for its mind-blowing bike showdowns and other gangster-related activities. There are gangsters around, yet there isn’t any theft? That’s almost absurd. So, among all the gangs, a new nerve-wracking group has made its appearance. The umbrella gang has debuted in Mohammadpur, and other gangs have been shaken by their presence.

Mohammadpur At Stake

When someone farts in the street, the entire neighborhood hears about it; this is how their group bonds. They recently learned about the Umbrella Gang. In a single day, almost 200 umbrellas have gone stolen! What’s going on here? Yes, the gang members reacted in the same way. People carry umbrellas every day for their daily needs during this rainy season, but they’ve gone missing now? Who is the culprit of this low-cost robbery? Finally, after a lengthy search, they have discovered the new kings of Mohammadpur.

Smartest Gang

Their idea is brilliant. If someone takes anything valuable from you, you’ll undoubtedly contact the police for assistance, right? But, when it comes to a cheap item like an umbrella, you’re not going to pay 200 taka transportation costs for a 150 taka umbrella, are you? They have a plan to make billions by stealing just umbrellas. Interesting! Only if they use this brain for studying, but who cares, they’ll be billionaires anyway.

“With great intellect comes great thievery,” the umbrella gang’s slogan says. Every other gang in Mohammadpur is looking for them, but they are nowhere to be found. Some gang members have betrayed their group and joined the Umbrella gang because the rewards are too enticing to pass up.

The Umbrella gang is presently operating in a low-key manner, so keep an eye out for them. They have scheduled their company to reach the entire population of Bangladesh at a specific period. From Mohammadpur to the rest of the country.

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