USA Wants France To Return The $9 Trillion It Owes From World War II

The United States aided France in arming its air force against the Nazi threat as the World War II approached. According to their respective histories, the United States spent a significant amount of money during the Nazi era in order to conquer France, but France was able to equal their level of equipment with the aid of the United States air force. But for all of this to be denied?

The United States just claimed $9 trillion in payment for its assistance in 1949. France has yet to pay its debt, while the United States expresses no appreciation for its help to the French people.

President Biden has been told by Vice President Kamala Harris that France has not paid back the money the US lent them since March 13, 1949.

The current President of the USA, Joe Biden, has officially sent a letter to the Frace Government to clear the dues as soon as possible.

France Response To USA For Helping Them In World War II

France has come up with the OG answer to the USA. After getting the official letter that claims they have helped France a lot with World War II and wants their money back as they are in good financial condition now to repay. France has replied to them with a one-word answer. “WHEN?”
That’s it, the President of France has wrote the official letter to the US White House and hoping that no longer reply.

Well, that’s not the case here though. The USA has replied to them warning them about their inflation rate. Stating “If you don’t want to give it to us now it’s alright, but do keep the inflation rate in mind. The longer you wait the more you pay.”

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