Vicky Kaushal’s Personal Problem With Salman Khan Made Him Marry Katrina Kaif

On Wednesday, fans of Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal, and Salman Khan woke to news of the celebrities’ roka. As the news spread throughout the evening, supporters began to celebrate on social media. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif had been reported to be dating for a few years. They’ve gone on trips together and frequently throw parties at each other’s houses. When Salman Khan learned of the news, he was outraged. Is Sallu Any Less Than Before?

Vicky Kaushal With Salman Khan

When Salman Khan snatched the best actor title from Vicky Kaushal, Kaushal got triggered. Vicky Kaushal never wanted to get personal, but Vicky Kaushal’s career has been hampered, and he has always wanted to do something about it. Salman may be a better actor, but Kaushal is the smarter of the two. What is it that is going to kill Sallu in pieces rather than all at once?

Salman Khan Just Wasted His Whole Life

Salman Khan is in immense pain. After a lot of history with his genuine love Katrina Kaif, they couldn’t make it work. To witness this, Sallu Bhai dedicated his entire life to Katrina Kaif? He hasn’t married anybody for her yet, and look at what she is getting married to: a crow.

Salman Khan also thought they would get together as Katrina Kaif hadn’t married anyone so far and Sallu Bhai thought it was for him. Look what it turned out to be, she didn’t even care about him. Vicky Kaushal really took good revenge on him. While it was a very long time process to get Katrina Kaif to fall for him but it’s a success.

What a silent killer Kaushal has been. He has proved what he is capable of to Salman Khan without saying any words but rather took his girl away with style.

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