Vladimir Is The Most Popular Baby Name In United States

Vladimir has replaced Jackson, Aiden, Lucas, and Liam at the top of the list of the most popular baby names for American boys. Last year, the Russian nickname became popular, indicating the growing percentage of Republican supporters who support Putin. Despite Arizona Senator John McCain’s claim that Russian meddling in the presidential election constituted a war crime, a rising percentage of red-state voters continue to support Vladimir Putin.

Althea Thoone, a mathematician, remarked, “The era of newborns with names like Rick and Steve is ended.” “In the future years, there will be a lot more Vlads and Lyudmilas marching through our schoolyards. I wouldn’t be shocked if high schools eliminate Spanish and replace it with a Russian requirement.”

Why Vladimir?

“Vladimir is a powerful name,” said Mary Mallon, a cafeteria worker. She is expecting her first child, a boy, August. “During my scan, the nurse asked whether I wanted to know the baby’s gender. I really wanted a girl, but it turns out I’ll be having a male. It made me so thrilled to see his little, small hands. And the first thought that came to my mind is naming him Vladimir. WHY? Because Powerful people Comes From Powerful Names.”

However, with the way the world is these days, it’s critical to surround our children with positive influences from the beginning. I admire Vladimir Putin’s efforts, and if President Trump follows in his footsteps, I will as well. Who knows, maybe one day my Vladimir Donald Mallon will be president!

Vladimir Putin is Successful with his spreading his genes without genes. Americans are slowly moving towards Russian culture and presidency. Has this been always the plan for Putin? I have no idea how Putin is doing it but whatever he is doing, he is getting inside the brains of the Amercians.

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