What’s Bothering You if She’s Only using Tinder to Make Friends?

Tinder is a dating app, as we all know, but what’s making you feel insecure? Isn’t it fair that all women are allowed to make friends? Making friends is beneficial to all of us, even if it defeats the purpose of the app.

Thousands of guys are looking for the right girl to bang on tinder, but your girl? She is simply looking for someone to talk to, discuss her problems with, and bitch about you. “It’s the intention that matters,” stated Abraham Lincoln, and as an ideal boyfriend, you should follow his advice and let your partner do what she wants. In a relationship, it’s all about trust and compromises as we all know. In a survey, females suggest rather to not be in a relationship than with an insecure boyfriend. So if you are insecure about your masculinity then don’t also make your girl suffer with you.

Does she think about you while she is with her tinder friend?

Of course, she does. In fact, she is trying to make friends support you. How? While you are busy studying or working, what shall she do? Definitely, she doesn’t want to disturb you at that time as it will hamper your attention. While you are working hard for your ambitions, she knocks her tinder friends to make her feel good.

Men, on the other hand, are unable to appreciate this. Filled with insecurities and failure they start to doubt their partner. Oh well making a tinder account to stalk them and make your girl jealous as well? As soon as you start that you continue to make them feel awful, their Tinder pals begin to comfort them. This is where everything goes wrong.

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