Why Kanye West Is Selling Vegetables Now

From various social media, we have come across this viral picture of Kanye West selling vegetables wearing cheap quality clothes. Seeing this picture has made us question why this billionaire is selling vegetables? Has he gone mad or what? Well, this had been killing us for days, seeking answers in the first place. What we have found out is just devastating. Is Kanye in such pain? Why isn’t he sharing it with his fans?

Kanye West isn’t in the best shape of his career now as we all know. Starting from his every album getting flopped to his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, not treating him well. His girlfriend isn’t just treating him right but very poorly. As of Kanye’s failures, his financial crisis has turned on. He is currently losing sponsorships and deals from all over the world.

As they say, once you get down others will start kicking you as well. That’s what happened with Kanye West. When Kim Kardashian was seeing all the things Kanye West was going through she has started kicking.

REspeCt FoR KaNyE WeSt

Limited Clothes and money are what the Kardashian is providing for Kanye when he is at his worst. As a partner, she should financially support this helpless singer. But no that’s not what she is doing right now. While Kanye is addicted to spending a ton of money, he is only getting enough to buy his food.

Kanye West may be poor but he isn’t a guy without self-respect. When he wasn’t doing financially, he has officially started a start-up. It may be small but is respectful. Kanye doesn’t like to ask from others and that’s what he is up to now, selling vegetables. Even though everyone is making fun of him, deep inside everyone is on his side.

The young singer, Kanye West has big plans for his selling vegetable business and hopes to grow soon for his fame.

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Written by Vibwritor

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