Why Solaiman Shukhon May Be Stealing From Padma Bridge

I mean isn’t it obvious that Solaiman Shukhon is stealing from project Padma Bridge? The famous Bangladeshi Social Media Enthusiast has made a big name in the entertainment industry. Shukhon always claiming to work for society but is he?

Solaiman Shukhon is currently working in a Digital Finance Service called Nagad. He is currently the head of market development. So he must be financially very stable, right? Just like numbers never end, Shukhon’s greed for money never ends as well.

The social enthusiast has depended his happiness on those numbers and numbers never end so you got the rest.

Padma Bridge And Solaiman Shukhon

We can see from his social media that he posts pictures of him at Padma Bridge every day. But why? Even the workers of Padma Bridge don’t go there every day to check up. What is so important there is that Shukhon leaves all his works to visit the beauty of Padma Bridge.

From the past of his, we can see that he never settles with his jobs like girls never settle on their boyfriends. You and I both know the reason. The pay was less.

Shifting jobs every 6 months to where ever the pay is better than the previous one. Starting from the Navy to many private-sector jobs. In short, he is a sellout.

So it is pretty clear that Solaiman Shukhon is stealing from the Padma Bridge project. Let me state the facts now. Shukhon goes there every day in the afternoon. Why? Because the workers go to lunch break that time. So it’s easy for Shukhon to just get under their nose and pretend to do a video there promoting the Padma Bridge.

Shukhon takes his thief squad with him, pretending to make a video at the bridge but what they do is just speechless. His squad steals small parts of the bridge every day and sells them to a third party at a good price.

No wonder why Padma Bride is taking so long to get completed and Shukhon is just roaming different continents around the world with those $$. Thank you Solaiman Shukhon

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