Woman Brings 20 Relatives To A Blind Date To Test Man’s Generosity

According to local sources, a woman in China had her blind date go horrifically wrong after inviting 20 of her relatives to the romantic occasion to test her man’s generosity.

The Chinese woman allegedly showed up with 23 family members without informing her date in advance. Turning their candle-lit dinner into a noisy buffet. According to Chinese media reports, she was left stuck with a whopping £2,300 bill when her possible Mr. Right left the restaurant after getting the bill.

According to local daily China News Tonight, a Chinese woman, who wishes to remain nameless, recently went on a blind date with Mr. Zhang, 29, in the eastern Sichuan of Zhejiang.

The date was arranged by the man’s mother. She was concerned about her son’s long-term single status. Mr. Zhang had volunteered to pay for the meal before they met, expecting it would be a romantic dinner for two. But he was taken aback when he met his blind date. Who had unexpectedly arrived at the restaurant with two dozen relatives.

Festival Instead Of Date For 20 Relatives

Later, the woman told Chinese reporters that she wanted to see whether her possible lover was willing to pay for the 20-person feast. The woman and her family were astonished to see that Mr. Zhang had already fled the restaurant after enjoying the lavish meal.

It has been learned that he hurried off after seeing the bill, which was 19,800 yuan (£2,291) due to the relatives’ pricey food and booze orders.

However, Mr. Zhang failed the generosity test on the date, and his date paid for the meal herself. Nevertheless, Mr. Zhang agreed to pay for a tiny portion of the supper, with the rest of the cost being split among the woman’s 20 family members.

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