Woman Sneaked Out of Amazon’s Delivery Car! Driver Lost His Job

Recently, a video of the biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon, shows a woman slipping out of a delivery van that recently went popular on social media. The Amazon authorities have dismissed the car’s driver in this event.

The delivery van of e-commerce giant Amazon, according to the claim, can be seen practically everywhere in the United States. This vehicle is used to transport goods. However, a video that went popular on social media recently has sparked a lot of doubts.

A woman slid out of Amazon’s delivery van, as shown in the video! It lasted only 11 seconds. Which was written on the ticket at the time. Then it went viral all over the world. More than 11.3 million people have seen the video. The Amazon authorities are also on the case. The driver has been fired, according to the company.

Footage Of Amazon Delivery Van

In the footage, a lady exits an Amazon van in Florida and pulls over to the side of the road. She was dressed in black. The van driver is also seen assisting the woman in silently exiting the vehicle.

The issue now is, what was the woman doing in that vehicle? Is it really legal to transport another lady or guy in a transport van? Was she there to steal goods? But wait this can’t be it, cause the driver was assisting her to sneak out quietly. I think you and I both know what she did last night with the driver and hope Amazon knows this too.

According to Amazon, no “unauthorized” individuals are permitted to access the delivery van. Because the van driver failed to do so, he was removed from his job. But would just removing him from the job stop this massacre that damaged Amazon’s big-name? I think not, what’s done is done. 11.3 million people will no longer believe in the Amazon delivery service they used to.

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Written by Vibwritor

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