Worshiped Temple’s Statue And Stole Temple’s Money Box

Please pardon me since I’m committing a crime. The robber bowed at Bajrangbali’s feet before fleeing with the temple’s money box in front of the Hanuman. The entire event was recorded on video. The incident occurred. The cops chuckled and grew agitated after seeing the thief’s actions on CCTV.

A Hanuman temple in Thane, Naupada neighborhood was stolen earlier this week, according to Anandabazar. The robber, who was wearing a mask and talking on his phone, was seen on camera entering the shrine. Looking back and forth every now and then. He put the phone in his pocket after checking a few times to see if anyone was nearby.

Then he moved carefully towards Hanuman’s statue. With his hands, he bows at the idol’s feet. Then he dashed out of the temple, holding the temple’s box in both hands. The police station received a complaint from priest Mahabbirdas Maharaj.

The temple’s CCTV video was inspected by the police throughout the inquiry. They were taken aback by the thief’s behavior. According to authorities, the suspect has been apprehended.

A similar tragedy occurred in a Durga temple in Hyderabad in 2019. The thief enters the temple and prays in front of Durga with folded palms. Then he saluted by touching the idol’s feet. Hold your head in your hands and apologize. He also wears a tilak on his brow. After all of this, he snatched the idol’s crown and escaped. He was observed folding his hands in front of the idol and apologizing before departing.

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