Young Google Couple Employees Are Already Finishing One Other’s Sentences

It has been reported that a couple who have been dating since they met at a Google workplace party last month is already finishing one other’s sentences. “It’s really adorable. I’ll say something like, ‘What is…?’ and Jack will respond, ‘Dwayne Johnson’s net worth.’ “He knows exactly what I’m going to say, sometimes before I do,” said Freya Campbell, account manager. “Or the other day, I simply asked ‘Can you…’ and he instantly responded ‘overdose on Paracetamol,’ which was not what I was going to say, but then he added ‘eat green potatoes,’ which was not what I was going to say. So he got it in the second chance.” This is what going on between these Google employees.

Less Words Saves Energy For The Google Employees

According to Jack Greenberg, 26, the two already knew each other well. “We understand what each other is thinking. Frequently, in great detail. This morning, I asked Freya, “How do you…?” She replied, “Say hello in Spanish/get shingles/find out if a girl likes you/make pancakes.” All of the questions I’d been meaning to ask. Uncanny”.

According to another Google employee, the pair is really adorable together. “The other day in the staff kitchen, Jack asked, ‘How do I…?’ and Freya replied, ‘know if I’m pregnant?’ That is how we found out. Adorable”.

The Google Couple doesn’t even need to finish the sentences but already knows what they are thinking. WIth the less talk saves energy for both the employees. So now they can put more effort into their work to steal some more data and get to know each other more.

In their free time at Google, all the couple does is research about people’s searches so that they don’t have to talk to each other so that the couples can save more words and utilize more. Well, that’s what the Google employees have been doing all along with their relationship as well as getting paid at the same time.

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