Young Man Gifts His Teeth Necklace To Prove His Loyalty

As previously said, young love is quite dangerous. This young man of ours did something that may have resulted in him experiencing depression. We all know that after what he did to prove his loyalty, his sweetheart will leave him. Kek, an Egyptian kid, pulled all of his teeth and turned them into a necklace for his girlfriend.

As we all know, there are always consequences when there are relationships. It’s just been four months since Kek and Lisa started dating. Kek was discovered cheating with another girl while they were in a relationship, and his loyalty is called into doubt.

Lisa hasn’t spoken to Kek in over a week after being discovered cheating. After being overlooked by his adoring lover, Kek had become miserable. He was occupied with calls and texts in an attempt to contact Lisa. Lisa, on the other hand, was strong enough not to answer his calls or respond to his messages.

Lisa had finally picked up the phone after a thousand attempts, and now the begging begins. Kek began pleading with her to meet him one final time, and here we are. They’ve decided on their favorite restaurant for the last meeting after finally agreeing to meet.

Here’s Your Teeth Necklace

As soon as Kek’s girlfriend came into the restaurant, Kek presenter her with a teeth necklace. First Lisa thought it was an artificial teeth necklace or something. She asked Kek for clarification asking “What is this.”

Hearing this, Kek smiled instantly with no teeth. Lisa was drowned for a minute thinking what did he do actually. Kek replied ” I pulled off my teeth and made you a necklace of it to prove my loyalty,” of course with stuttering.

Lisa realized he has gone mad, instant of accepting his big apology she took a few snaps of it and left the restaurant afterward. Whispering Kek not to call her again.

Now Kek is just a guy with no teeth and no scope to score another girl.

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Written by Vibwritor

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