Zayn Malik Confessing He Is G*y To Gigi Hadid Is The Reason Of Their Breakup

After a long romance, singer-songwriter Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid are said to have broken up. The pair is no longer together, according to multiple individuals who spoke to People magazine. “At the moment, they are not together. “They’re both terrific parents, though,” a source told the publication. “Gigi is totally focused on the best for Khai,” Gigi’s representatives informed the magazine. During this moment, she requests privacy.” Is it, however, what it appears to be?

Zayn Malik, mostly known as a singer ex-One Direction singer has quit the band for some undisclosed reasons. And what was One Direction known for? Their exclusive songs? I don’t think so. It was mostly handsome g*y boys singing with autotune and girls cheering them. However, it has become an open secret that the band was g*y. But was every member g*y too?

Zayn Malik After Confessing To Gigi Hadid

Don’t know about others but Zayn Malik has confessed to Gigi Hadid that he’s g*y and that’s exactly the reason for their breakup. Gigi Hadid was heartbroken by the fact that he told her this after so many years of romance.

Also taken Gigi Hadid aback that he has been hiding it for so long. After hearing what Zayn said, Hadid couldn’t take it anymore and instantly asked for a breakup.

“I am optimistic for healing for everybody involved with the tough words exchanged,” he said, “and more importantly, I stay cautious to safeguard Khai and provide her with the solitude she deserves.”

Zayn and Gigi originally ignited romance rumors in 2015, however, Gigi made an appearance in Zayn’s single PillowTalk soon after. When they appeared on the cover of Vogue in 2016, they revealed their relationship. In 2018, the pair split up, however they reconciled in 2019. The pair confirmed Gigi’s pregnancy during the 2020 lockdown.

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