Cristiano Ronaldo: Bubble Of Conspiracy Against Him By A Number Of Women

Cristiano Rolando was picked up by Manchester United earlier last month. Right after his homecoming was done, a flurry of accusations is thrown against him. A lot has happened when it came to football these past few months. Messi has accepted a new contract with PSG, and now Cristiano joins MCU, but with a lot of baggage to empty out.

And Boy, What Baggages They Are

As for the accusations, to start with, allegations of r*pe are thrown at him. He met a girl at some point named Kathryn Mayorga. Before they engaged in, well, business, but seemingly without her consent. He was later accused of, and at one point, even he admitted to paying her for her silence. All this happened in 2009, Las Vegas.

However, the case was reopened by the Las Vegas police in 2018, and found nothing conclusive. Their statement about the allegation was “could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt”. Despite the fact that a kit examination was done on her and had found bruises with swelling and few lacerations.

Cristiano Ronaldo and wife, Georgino

His ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Lennard has shared details about her grueling experience dating, stating in her words that he is a psychopath. That he even threatened to have her kidnapped at one point. She lends her support towards Kathryn around her terrible and traumatic experiences with Ronaldo. Of course, her claims are something Ronaldo has denied outright. Further adding that he never went out with her in the first place.

To make things pretty worse, Portuguese model Natacha Rodriguez had an encounter with Ronaldo after sharing messages on Instagram. Of which was supposed to be a light-hearted encounter. Stating that after that one-night stand, Ronaldo pretty much cut off contact with her. Blocking her off from all social platforms.

Will Things Settle Down For Him?

Ronaldo’s license was bought for over 20 million Euros. Manchester United was his first club, before he moved to Real Madrid for 90 million Euros. Of which he has been active for 9 years before Juventus bought him for 100 million. The rumors, allegations, and bad spotlight has put a bigger mark on Ronaldo’s reputation. Thus, going back to full circle back to Manchester for 1/5 of the contract he used to be worth. That leaves quite a sting on him.

Ronaldo is currently married to Georgina Rodriguez, they both tied the knot since 2017. Ronaldo currently has 4 children. He had a newborn son along with Georgina in 2018.

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