South African Player Gets 5GB Data For Being The Man Of The Match

Out here football players are often handed cheques of 100000 for being Man of the match in a single game. But this isn’t the case here in South Africa. As we all know the financial situation of South Africa, they are not well off.

Football players get slippers and groceries as their reward for playing well. Invaluable things for us are very important for them.

Enjoying fast internet for a very cheap price and don’t even care when our network carrier gives us free internet to use. Well, in South Africa, broadband connections and mobile data are pretty expensive.

You just can’t call an ISP and ask for an internet connection at home as it is not available everywhere.

However, Mamelodi Sundowns skipper Hlompho Kekana picked up his unusual award. 5GB of mobile data for his family. He was really happy with his reward and thanked the hosts for giving him such a valuable prize.

Another player in South Africa got 24 bottles of lager as a reward. There is no point in giving lagers to players as it is prohibited for any sportsman around the globe

The performance of these South African players is actually comparable to current famous players. But their bad luck is that they are born there in the mess.

Their talents are just not covered due to their lack of media coverage and so on.
Hoping things get better there is all we can do right now. Things we deny to get for free, others thrive for those.

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Written by Vibwritor

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