5 Day-to-day Apps That Drains Your Phone’s Battery Health

You didn’t remember to charge your phone the night before. You’ve been out without a charger for the entire day. You’ve been messing with your apps for far too long. There are several reasons why your phone’s battery health rapidly drains, and there are numerous strategies to conserve your power so that you can stay connected and stress-free throughout the day. We picked up the top five apps that are draining your phone’s battery health, whether you’re in an emergency or just don’t like seeing “the red” sign. Brace yourself and proceed with caution.

5. Snapchat

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Snapchat is a lot of fun, as we all know. It rapidly gets ingrained in our daily lives. However, this entertaining software is the number one battery drainer. Snapchat consumes a significant amount of memory. Keep in mind that just because the photo is deleted from the app after 24 hours doesn’t mean the app isn’t using up the majority of your internal storage. Battery life is quickly depleted by continuous check-ins, streaming, texting, picture and video production, and networking.

4. Google Maps

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It is one of the most helpful apps and may genuinely save your day, but it also has the potential to ruin your day by draining your battery. For better or worse, Google Maps follows you around wherever you go, which drains a lot of battery. Even when your phone is in airplane mode and you’re traveling, that tiny blue Google Maps dot follows you. Finding your way is usually quite useful, but if your battery dies, you’re definitely lost.

3. Netflix

Netflix is one of those applications that we can’t imagine not having. The app itself fills the gap of lost time whether you’re commuting, relaxing, waiting for an appointment, or simply bored at work. However, if you don’t have access to a cell phone charging station, we recommend that you avoid Netflix until you’re securely near a power source. Because it is continually streaming, this app is one of the most harmful for draining power (and data).

2. Facebook and Facebook Messenger

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Facebook and its subsidiary program, Facebook Messenger, have the ability to swiftly deplete your battery. We all want to check in on Facebook, and Messenger allows you to swiftly send messages to your friends and see what they’ve been up to (think of Messenger as a Snapchat for your friends). However, even 10 minutes of social networking may drain your battery by up to 20%.

1. Amazon Spend less. Smile more.

Amazon’s app has made it so simple to join up and buy what you need that it may be harmful not just to your phone’s battery but also to your money. Searching for products, comparing pricing, and adding items to your basket all appear to be routine and harmless activities. However, these small jobs pile up, and before you know it, your phone is dead, and you can’t buy your favorite Harry Potter wand.

What To Do After You Have Uninstalled The Apps That Drains Phone’s Battery Health

The applications you use are the primary drainers of your battery. All of these app features require power, whether it’s WhatsApp accessing your images to share in a group conversation or Uber verifying your location to send a cab to you fast. If you want to extend the life of your battery, we recommend switching to low power mode and dismissing apps when you’re done with them.

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