Spatial Audio Coming To Mainstream, Thanks To Apple

3D Audio isn’t easy to pull off, it’s a technology that has been mostly considered a gimmick for a long time. Due to the difficulty of properly programming in stereo speakers or headphones. Till now. Because if Apple is bringing 3D Audio or Spatial Audio as we’re calling it, then this tech could change everything we know about sound in the industry.

Spatial Audio, if you don’t know, is about bringing audio in a 3D space. Imagine yourself as this orb, the audio will come to you from every direction in a 3D proximity. This includes giving you a sense of distance of the audio. There was a point in time, where you needed a specific headgear for this, but not anymore. You can use this finally in a regular stereo headphone or earphone. This also comes from music, movies, TV shows, basically almost every entertainment medium. Long as it’s from Apple, of course.

3D Groove

After the unveiling of Sony’s PS5 3D Audio and Dolby Atmos reaching to more people’s devices, Apple has decided to go full on swing with the new software. Making sure it reaches certification for every headset, including speakers, out there. Apple is using their current services like Apple Music, tvOS, Apple TV+, among the rest for people to experience the new craze. Spatial Audio is going to change the freaking world baby.

Of course, this isn’t replacing highly costly stuff like surround sound speakers, headsets, and so on. Like, the feature still has a bunch of kinks to work out, and the quality can’t be fully achieved without the necessary hardware for it. But replicating it so far, it seems to work. Based on what most of the mainstream media who got their hands into it are saying. Spatial Audio is here to stay.

3D Audio is the future, am curious to know where it’ll really go. I mean for music, it’s going to be strange for sure. But movies and TV series, this could heighten the experience a lot for most people and propel them into getting equipment good enough for actual surround sound 3D audio.

Written by Excalibruh

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