Beats Studio Buds To Be Released Soon

Apple owns Beats. That kind of news is nothing new. Though, while Apple maintains on selling Beats to separate demographics from the ones buying Apple AirPods. This might be a change of pace for them though. Introducing the brand new Beats Studio Buds. Something that looks similar to Raycons earbuds.

Closer Look at the New Beats

Now, Beats is obviously going to distinguish itself from its parent company. Looking at the whole package, the charging case looks flashy with this glossy look. Very few color schemes. The design is obviously similar to other wireless earphones. Difference being no stems compared to the Apple AirPods. And they seem light as well.

Other than the notable differences, it looks wholly similar to other notable wireless earphones. The charging case, flips open from the top with the buds resting inside. Charging it shows a light indicator below the “b” logo. Pretty much Apple’s functional design.

At least the Buds would stick together via magnets when you attach the two. Though, whether they fall off or not is another question. Waiting to be answered once they got released.

I wonder if they’ll sound different. What’s the point of buying something different if it doesn’t have different audio output and quality. Plus, LeBron got it pretty early.

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Written by Excalibruh

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