EVGA Joins Team AMD, New Motherboard On The Way

Yes, you read that right. EVGA is so tempted by team AMD’s glory, that they’re going to be making motherboards not only for Intel but also now for AMD. Seems kind of weird as they would work mostly in partisanship work relations to both Intel and Nvidia for two of their departments. Now that seems to be changing.

It comes as quite a shock since EVGA proclaimed that they’ll never make motherboards for AMD, ever. Quite a sudden change in their ideologies. The branding for AMD’s boards will be named Dark.

AMD’s Change Of Heart

During the early years, EVGA would release motherboards for both Intel and Nvidia mostly. All of their motherboards were Intel based, but had Nvidia SLI support all the way. EVGA kept their relationship with Nvidia going for years, keeping their business exclusive to Nvidia.

Now the Dark series has been used for Intel’s socket based motherboards. Up until now where EVGA released a video about a new Dark mobo coming on the way. With the Ryzen circle around it.

AM4 has been around since 2016, EVGA would be pretty late to the supply chain, least now than never. It pretty much looks like EVGA was very pleased with the Ryzen 5000 series result of high-performance, against Intel.

EVGA motherboards are pretty sick, though you won’t find them in BD. That’s because nobody sells them as they used to years ago. Same for the GPUs.

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Written by Excalibruh

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