Get Ready, GPU (And Phone) Prices Are Going To Go Up Again

I hope you’re ready to stomach this. If you’ve even saved up to buy one of those GPUs for the ridiculous price they are at right now, well you’re about to be disappointed. Though, what about to tell you won’t come into effect entirely right now, with price changes and lacking.

TSMC Wants To Increase Pricing

TSMC works for major companies like Apple, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia to name a few. They’re the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. As a whole, they’re worth 80bn USD. They have factories mostly in Taiwan, but also in Shanghai and Nangjin from China, Singapore and Washington. With another factory in construction from Arizona.

TSMC, silicon wafer production

Their competitors are the likes of Samsung and GlobalFoundries. But even with other silicon manufacturers, silicon shortages have hit at a sky-high rate. Unlike the 2018 GPU shortages from crypto mining. This is due to the pandemic, causing shortages in working staff thus, less manufacturing not being able to meet enough demands.

Perhaps this being the indication, TSMC has decided to, well, increase the pricing of produced chips, each at 10%. But 20% for those that are less advanced than the others. This will create a market price effect, where you see your iPhones, Smartphones, Graphics Cards, even cars that uses silicon chips, to go up in MSRP. Of course, most of these mentioned don’t consist primary of silicon parts. So the price increase will be minimal….except for Graphics Cards.

It’s Going To Get Rough Out There

GPU prices are ridiculously high up now. Store owners not allowing buyers to purchase even at the ridiculous price unless they plan on buying a full set PC. Scalpers online are leeching off from the supply constrains, and miners are buying them in bulk just when they can. So, word of advice, buy them while you can.

Written by Excalibruh

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