Intel Arc GPU Details Are Out

Intel has drop details about their GPU lineup’s name change and the overall brand rename. Meaning, all of this is an indication that they’ve gone full official and are launching their products without any wait this time.

With the current GPU crisis just putting every buyer in dire strain, it’s time to even out the odds with Intel’s help. Provided they do release competitive GPUs running at good prices. Well, that’s something they also want to believe themselves. Their Flagship GPUs might compete against the high range cards from both Nvidia and AMD.

Intel Arc GPUs

Team Blue Hitting Soon

Based on their early touted Xe-HPG architecture, Intel’s Alchemist series will be launching at early next year. After being introduced at CES 2022. The GPU will be manufactured under the 6nm node from TSMC. Oh, wait…..that’s kind of bad news. TSMC has stated before that they’re currently building new factories around US states like Arizona. But the date of completion is set till 2024.

Other details tell us that Intel will have all the features that current competitor’s GPUs have like ray-tracing, A.I. based super sampling, variable rate shading, and so on. But there’s also a design layout, showcasing what their GPUs will look like on the inside.

Team blue believes that their flagship will compete directly with the likes of RTX 3070, and RX 6700 XT. Currently considered the popular picks for mid to high tier GPUs. Whether or not they want to topple the throne over Nvidia is another theory to look at. Then again, highly doubt that’ll happen anytime soon. AMD is catching up with their RDNA GPUs. Which is showing promise despite the fact that it is missing the A.I based super sampling from their latest releases.

What everyone wants to know now is, will these GPUs help with the pricing issues, or is Intel just adding more strain to the manufacturing problems. Intel has to outsource some demand gaps from someone. Is it not possible to use their own silicon factories used

Written by Excalibruh

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