The Surprising Truth About iPhone 13 Design Leak

iPhone 13 buzz has been going around for awhile now. With info leaks about the new bionic chip, bigger display, no bezels, crazy new cameras with stabilizers. Now, Apple is going to launch a super size version of the iPhone 13 Pro. Instead of 3, they’re releasing 4 models.

iPhones’ being Bigger Is Better?

This “NEW” iPhone model has bigger camera lenses, bigger design, better specs, bigger display, etc. The big cameras come with all models, including improved battery, faster chipset, and upgraded image stabilizers. Though, Apple decided that their notch size will be a lot smaller.

Though when it comes to 5G, the second class 5G will only be available for the Pro iPhone models. 5G will come with all models, but the second gen is fitted with mmWave. While the affordable models will use sub-6Ghz. mmWave offers much higher bandwidth speed and fast packet travel.

We’re all still in the rumor mill here, but these info dumbs came from reliable sources like Digitimes. If all of this is true, get your wallets ready real soon. But for those who wants to get a 5G phone with the latest signal type, Google is getting you covered with their next Pixel release.

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Written by Excalibruh

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