iPhone 13 Leak Shows That New Upgrades Will Outclass Other Phones

The new iPhone leak are pretty on the positive spectrum for things. Especially when it comes to the camera. Apple now releases a series of phones. Each model is either a pro model, standard or the ones with cut out features.

Last series with the iPhone 12, the pro model had the OIS sensor-shift technology for stabilization. The pro model (iPhone 12 Pro Max) costed a heft premium over the standard one. I mean it had a bigger screen, so that was one way of telling it was a flagship phone of sorts. Well with this new leak, it seems that won’t be the case anymore. Apart from that, there are other spec leaks as well.

The Goodies

Apple is now very serious about their phone cameras and want more to use them. Especially their new sensor-shift technology. Starting with the iPhone 13, based on the leaks, all of the models will use the sensor-shift cameras. The newer models will sport a more enhanced stabilizer compared to the Pro Max. Apple has asked their supplier to increase production of the voice coil motor (VCM) by 40%. Based on another report, of course.

Far as speculations go, the specs for the new iPhones will be beefier. As they’ll be using the new A15 Bionic chip or something equivalent based on 5nm+ fabrication nodes. 120hz display with a thinner Face ID notch.

It could also come with higher storage and larger battery pack. Though, on the maybe side. Either of them hasn’t been confirmed yet, though one would like to think Apple is willing to all the way. But hey, this is Apple we’re talking about.

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Written by Excalibruh

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