Man’s Legacy Overshadowed By Lousy Facebook Ads

Nobody likes how Facebook operates at times, their regulations are too lax, marketing ads are egregious, to a point that it’s easy to take advantage of some guy’s hard work and becoming to see someone else promoting it without a courtesy of credit.

That’s what happened to Robin Wight. A sculptor who makes sculptures of fairies, dandelions, and some other mythological beings. A bunch of photographers took shots of his work, then used them as templates for his work. Only thing is, this is without to his knowledge and given permission.

Ads Sell The Lie

A majority of users who were interested in purchasing his work either got nothing or low fidelity images of them. Some people are using them as promotions for their gardening business, even though it’s next to impossible to do something like this.

The false advertisements on the social media giant went out of hand. So much so that they’ve been infringing on his copyrights pretty aggressively. All the loss of ad profit shares, Wight and his associated company would start taking actions soon.

Robin Wight put a quote on the matter, saying “Genuine fairies create real magic, scams like this use the fascination people have with fairies, in a very dark and devious way.” He went furtner on “I’ve done everything possible to raise awareness via every means I know, but still the message isn’t getting through. The scammers are relentless, please beware.”

This is said to be worth, as a whole, 40million US dollars. The blatant theft on this massive scale is now being reported all over. If you happen to appreciate his work or be a fan of, if you see anything suspicious that stinks of false advertisements, report them. Meanwhile, visit this site to support his work.

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Written by Excalibruh

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