McDonalds Is Now Serving Your Food Via Robots

You know why The Matrix happened? Because people got too obsessed with robots doing their jobs. Artificial Intelligence is now paving the way to doing mundane tasks instead of regular human beings working the slave wage. Enter McDonalds

Seriously though, imagine having to tell an A.I. which order you want, and then have them serve it up without the human interactions involved. Just by saying a few things, pressing buttons, beep boop, your food is served.

A lot of what’s going to be written here will be based on Big Think’s findings.

The Future Is 0s And 1s, Old McDonalds Boomer

McDonald’s own around 14000 restaurant joints in US alone. That could mean they’ve hired around close to 100,000 people to cook, fry, and serve in their restaurants. So far this is a prototype A.I., but the results speak a lot of potential for the coming future.

A.I.s everywhere nowadays, with DeepFake, spam filters, language recognition software, etc. Amazon launches a grocery shop brand which is being run by computers, all the way. Soon there’s going to be flying drones with A.I. built-in, that’ll serve our breakfasts, shave our face, carry our shopping bags and luggage, and so on.

A.Is possibilities are endless, so much so that the consideration for live human occupation will be swept away. Next thing you know, androids will start co-existing before throwing a coup d’état and put humanity at the bottom of the food chain. For McDonald’s.

Right moving on, so this is only functioning at Chicago, around 10 stores. The rate of success for orders happens to be at 85% right now. Seems pretty good for a first phase in. Since Amazon is having successful growth over their grocery shopping branch, McDonald’s isn’t far from reaching this gold widespread anytime soon. Soon being a decade from now.

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Written by Excalibruh

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