Mitsubishi Auto To Enter Production In Bangladesh Very Soon

Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi Motors has finalized the paperwork and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pragati Industries Limited for manufacturing cars within Bangladesh under the license of The Ministry of Industries.

Both the ministry and Pragati Industry have made the announcement from a press release. Virtually that the latter will be overseeing the manufacturing capacity for Mitsubishi Motors. The Japanese automaker has been in talks about enter the manufacturing stage in Bangladesh for a while, till now with only the ministry pending to seal the final approval.

When and where Mitsubishi will start?

The location is set to be somewhere in the industrial area. Replacing a closed sugar factory. The factory would be designed in a way to bring production quality on par with the developed countries out there. In a way, that will be completely modernized. It is also planned to be multi-storied as a way to solve the space crisis in factory areas.

Mitsubishi and Pragati relationship was set back in 2010. When the latter agreed to a 5-year contract to help locally assemble the second generation Pajero Sports SUV. Later having switched to assembling a third-generation QX model. It seems the relationship has evolved now with Mitsubishi finally allowing full on production in the motherland.

Time will tell when the approval arrives and production begins. As of now, this will be considered a milestone for the industrialization of Bangladesh.

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Written by Excalibruh

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