Nvidia Is Nerfing GPU Mining Again

Nvidia has decided to yet again nerf GPU mining. While of course, that is mostly good news for the avid gamer out there who’ve waited so long for their GPUs to arrive. Having to deal with the lack of GPU supplies in the market, with every cupboard in store shelves collecting nothing but dust till the eventual GPU restock comes.

The issue of course lies with the fact that this is futile because hackers and modders can bypass these restrictions even on hardware level. But Nvidia has claimed that there’s no way to bypass the limitations even with BIOS changes and driver mods. So there’s quite a big hope looming across the horizons.

Hold the phone

Now, this doesn’t exactly mean that Nvidia will have a large stock of GPUs ready for purchase with no interest for miners. The big issue are still the scalpers. They will purchase whatever limited quantity there is and sell it off for much of the larger price. It’s obviously a double-edged sword move, which won’t pay off in the end.

Not to mention, Nvidia is cutting off features from their cards, which should also reduce its current market value proposition. I mean if nobody per se, can’t mine with this GPU, then to some degree it will also function slower on tasks that involve data crunching or computational workloads. This restriction obviously holds back more than just mining.

It has been said that the GPU is short on supply, but not only because of the pandemic. No, the issue also lies in the increase of GPU demands as people are mostly stuck at home. Having nothing better to do, so they go out and buy a brand new spanking GPU. Could this easily resolve the issue? Seems unlikely, but one can only hope.

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Written by Excalibruh


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