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‘Placeholder’ GPUs Are Coming From Nvidia

GPU shortages aren’t going away anytime soon. Especially due to supply-and-demand constraints set by importers and GPU makers like AMD and Nvidia. Intel is still keeping us waiting with their new prophesized GPU lineups that would break the curse that has set in early 2021. Somewhat if they could even perform by that time.

Well, fear not, despite Nvidia’s sleazy entry into the crypto market by releasing actual crypto mining based GPUs, they’re making up for their supposed “involuntary” partaking of cashing in from the crypto craze and GPU shortages. By releasing pretend GPUs 🙂

What will Nvidia do?

Nvidia will be releasing a Placeholder GPU series that will have the same box design, heatsink, cooler, and logo as the same as any normal GPUs you’d purchase based on the Founders Edition. These GPUs will look and feel like actual GPUs, when in reality, they won’t come with the Silicon and Memory chip within.

With help from their new subsidiary, Arms Holding, you can plug your HDMI to your card to sell the illusion. Thanks to a chip built-in that acts as a pass-through for your iGPU or well, your weaker GPU. You can fool just about anybody with a DisplayPort or HDMI cable connected behind it. AMD CPU users that don’t use the APU variants are really out of luck

These iterations will mimic the RTX 3000 Series GPUs. With all the fans spinning and power outputs that comes with them. All of them will be priced similar, except of course the longer ones, gotta cough up that dough.

Get ready to impress and lie to your friends, colleagues, and families this summer. And work up that detail about how you got a bargain price from that scalper.

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Written by Excalibruh

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