Rumor: MacBook Pro And Mac Mini Redesign Coming This Year

You broke this year, it’s alright, Apple no care. But with the new M1X coming on the horizon, you might be convinced maybe of taking a bit of a loan or borrow some cash to get this new Macbook on holiday 2021. Journalists are pretty fastidious about the details around new Macbooks. Especially after Apple’s new introduction of their in-house SoC built-in to that is stated to be far faster than any of Intel’s offerings and much more power-efficient.

Rumor has it that there are new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini that are coming during holiday season this year. The M1X chips have been the talk of the town. With the new release, this could sweep all other Windows-based laptops that are out there. Putting the Macbook on competition in the market instead of sticking to their own niche.

Lots Of New Goodies by Apple

The new Macbooks will be said to have 14 and 16-inch displays with more I/O than the prior laptops. Flat edges, thinner bezels, more connection ports like HDMI, MagSafe port, SD card reader, etc.

The new laptops will also feature the upgraded M1X chip. Which is an improvement of the ARM-based M1 chipset replacement for the new Mac lineup. More computational power in both the CPU and GPU architecture. More Thunderbolt channels.

They are supposedly releasing this October or November. There are some claims that they’ll remove the touch bar even. Rumors, again to remind you. This is highly speculative. The leaker who gave the information about Apple products before has a mixed past, but he was right about the prior leaks about the M1 chips.

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Written by Excalibruh

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