Rumor: New iPod Touch Comes With A Redesign

Been 2 years since the last iPod series was released. Most of the releases being major hardware upgrades but little changes to the aesthetic and build. Well, now that could change for the new line-up. Will it be with iPod’s new touch redesign?

The new iPod is rumored to be using the same square design as the iPhone 12. With of course different color options. It will also come with Face ID. Previous models haven’t had many changes made to their design and were mostly designed as media players. In fact, they were far weaker compared to their iPhone counterparts in almost everywhere. Much smaller screen, weaker CPU chipset, lack of features, and so on.

Mostly New Stuff in iPod?

Some other speculations state that the new iPod will sport the A14 Bionic Chip, bigger display while keeping the 3.5 mm jack. Whether or not it makes the evolutionary changes mostly depends upon what Apple thinks of iPod in the current market scope.

Price range of the iPod could go from $149.99 to $199.99. With the 199.99 model having 64GB of storage compared to the 32GB of the last model in 2018.

Whatever the case may be, none of these speculations have been given fruit as yet and Apple hasn’t confirmed much at all about the iPod. So we can say that it’s probably out in the air as far as tap dancing around the rumor mill goes.

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Written by Excalibruh

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