Rythm, Discord Bot Is Also Being Shut Down By YouTube

After the closure of Groovy, a foul guillotine sentence has been cast upon another Discord music bot; Rythm. The victim of Google’s copyright takedowns, have the scythe cut two of the most popular YouTube music bots out of Discord.

Rythm has been active for over 5 years, with 560 million users around 20 million communities using it. Rythm was a mainstay add-on in Discord since the latter was blooming in the early days of the digital space to being one of the biggest IRC-based messaging platform.

Discord server using Rythm

Because of its massive popularity, Rythm founder Yoav had to create a powerful server with 4TB of RAM and 1000 CPUs to fulfill the requests of so many users out there. Handling the bot pretty much became a full-time job for him. Which did pay dividends pretty well around the time it ran.

It Isn’t Fully Over For Rythm Yet

Yoav has plans to revive Rythm. He saw this move from YouTube coming, but is planning to do something entirely new to bring his project back. With maybe some cooperation with Discord. Maybe keeping YouTube entirely out of it. Bots are essential to the experiencing Discord. So he’s hoping to bring it fully operational and for use without any problems.

Discord has avoided any kind of scrutiny from major companies for these bots because they are third-party apps that are installed by mods. Discord also stays outside the realm of DMCAs and copyright protections. It’s pretty much the wasteland out there for everybody to do almost what they want.

Written by Excalibruh

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