Samsung Galaxy Flip And Fold 3 Is Finally Out Now

Who thought flipping a phone would be the most nostalgic thing these days. Apparently Samsung does, so they’ve released a phone and a tablet that folds. The new Samsung Galaxy Flip and Fold 3. One of which is ridiculously expensive, and the other is at the margin of a new iPhone 12 Pro.

The Galaxy Flips And Folds

The new phones have already been released. With added features from Microsoft like Outlook, Teams, and Microsoft Office for Fold 3. Samsung brought up Thom Browne yet again to design special editions of the phones and Galaxy watch to selected markets.

Samsung Galay Flip and Fold
Photo from PhoneArena

The Flip 3 is, as you’d expect, a seminal release of the Galaxy Flip series phones. With larger than life improvements like the gadget screen you see when flipped down. It also comes with dual cameras and 5G support. It has some beefy specs, with a SUPER AMOLED screen running at 120hz. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (which is odd considering Samsung makes Exynos, their own proprietary chips.) and a dual 12MP camera which can record 4K/60FPS.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 on other hand, is kind of three phones screen on one. It is somewhat similar to the Flip 3 when it comes to what’s inside. But rather, it has a triple lens 12MP camera on back. 4GB more VRAM than the Fold 3. Much larger AMOLED screen and a better selfie camera, two, actually. One of which is hidden by the screen.

The Flip 3 releases at the price of $1000 US. The Fold at nearly twice that price, around $1800 US. Both comes with 5G support. The phones are also made with tougher materials to withstand concussive physical damage.

Written by Excalibruh

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