Twitter Is Cooking Up A New Subscription Model

While it is no secret that Twitter has been working on a new subscription model for its more “well-endowed” userbase, new information reveals that Twitter has a name and price tag.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong spilled the beans on Twitter that the 2nd giant social network is planning on releasing a paid service model priced at 2.99 USD a month, called Twitter Blue. Will have an Undo Tweet feature and bookmark collections catalog.

A Twitter spokesperson, of course, denied any of the rumors. Needlessly to say, they don’t corroborate on anything Wong finds out about their site. Including Twitter Blue.

Despite that, Twitter has been making changes and adding a lot of new features to their site. Warnings about potentially offensive Tweets, changes to their photo cropping algorithm, allowing users to search words in Direct Message, and Tip Jar for donations to users.

Twitter has also been on an acquisition spree on companies like Scroll. Which used to provide a paid service for removing ads from certain websites. Hinting that Twitter Subscription will provide an add-free service long as you’re paying. They did even announce that they’ll be adding groups for specific interests. Creating groups and adding people, just like it’s done on Facebook. When that will be integrated, only time will tell.

Just earlier this year, Twitter actually made money. The company posted a net profit of 68mn USD from overall 1.04 billion dollar revenue last quarter. While they aren’t remotely close to something like Facebook, Twitter is slowly making progress to fully capitalize on themselves.

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Written by Excalibruh

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