Want To Use Zoom? Here’s How You Do It

Yes, this is a Zoom guide video. Since a lot of you are like, “what does this button do?”. Like Deedee herself. Well, fear not, because this is a step-by-step video guide on how to both install Zoom and use it for meetings.

Where To Download From

It’s easy to find the app, just by Googling the name or just visit the link here, the site’s main page should show up as the first link to click. Below the link, click on the download page. Pick your version, depending on what you’re using, either Mac or Windows. Zoom is available to use even as a browser extension or for your mobile phones.

Once you’re done downloading, installing it should be straightforward. As all it’ll ask is which drive and folder to install in. Then if you need to create shortcut for desktop and start menu. Once done, you’re good to go.

Get Started

Now, you need to create an account once the app is started, from there. Just provide an email, username, password, check your email to verify. When all is done, login and the app should be ready for you.

From the home menu, you can join meetings by pressing the join button. Adding ID or personal link will immediately add you up to a current ongoing meeting. New meeting or schedule lets you create meetings, curated by you. You can share your screen if you want.

There you go, all instructions for getting yourself getting started with Zoom. You can even add other Zoom members as contacts and send personal messages to them via the app.

Written by Excalibruh

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