What Does Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button Actually Do?

We Google almost every day and are now actually a basic tool in our daily life. Whether to know something about anything or to search nearby restaurants we use Google. But what we do is instantly press the enter button right after what we are writing, ignoring the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button beside the “Google Search.”

Even though we don’t actually even notice the button nowadays, I believe we all have seen the button and once wondered what that button actually does. Is it a magical tool? Or is it something completely opposite of Google search? Today we are here with an answer to your question.

I may have used it when I was five years old when the internet was still in its development, but I’ve never thought about it again. Frankly, I’m never feeling lucky with a Google search. That is, until today.

Google With The Lucky Button

One of Google’s longest-running features is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It was brought back to life after being removed in 2010 to make room for Google Instant. So, what exactly does it do?

While a standard Google search returns the most relevant sites for your terms, the Lucky button jumps right to the top result. Typing “14again” and pressing the button will send you to our homepage. Whereas typing “Amazon” and pressing the button will take you to the shopping site rather than a page about the Brazilian forests. So sure, you should consider yourself fortunate because you never know what may be thrown at you. It’s similar to a fortunate dip, except for the internet, which is a risky venture.

I’m Feeling Lucky With No Text?

When there is no text in the search box, pressing it brings up Google Doodles. I’m not sure why it does that, but it doesn’t seem like something I would consider fortunate.

Anyhow, the mystery that you have been searching answers for has been solved. You no longer need to worry what that Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button does anymore.

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