Windows 11 Got Major Leaks, UI Looks A Lot Different

So we finally got a good glimpse of Windows 11. The newly teased Operating System from Microsoft that’s gonna change a lot of things. Like the new UI, menu icons, where the start button is placed, and oh yeah, widgets are back.

While we did an article earlier stating that some of its concepts and ideas were borrowed from the cancelled Windows 10X project. Microsoft made a lot of interesting adjustments and some new introductions too.

Microsoft’s Gucci Treatment

Microsoft looks like it’s going full Gucci for space age. Everything has this milky hue to it. Based on the preview build leaks that some people got, it looks a bit translucent. Especially the task bar. In fact, there are these curved edges around each window. Wait, Is windows11 trying to mimic Apple?

Anyhoo moving on, the startup button is right at the center of menus within the toolbar. Last on the left. Beside that is the search bar. Before a pin menu, where it acts as a shortcut for pinned apps and documents.

The icons for the user folders like documents, downloads, music, videos, so on have changed. Not only that, but you can pick how to shape and align the size of the windows. It makes sense since you can already stretch the size of each window already by dragging the edge.

And of course, who can forget the widget panel. It comes popping out of the left side of the display. With all the stuff you know about if you’ve used Windows Vista or 7. Maybe even 8, but like anybody remembers that anymore.

A Lot Of Changes in Windows 11?

Satya Nadella expressed vehemently that the Windows store is going to be different in Windows 11. Entirely. In fact, this was the emphasis on the new Windows update. Then there’s the support for x64 ARM CPU support for all the apps, of which the new Windows will run emulated.

While yes, this is a big stylistic change, it also comes as a major overhaul for the user experience for Windows entirely. The interface will have big differentiation from Windows 10. Also, the new startup sound is pretty cool too.

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Written by Excalibruh

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