Windows 11 Launch Might Be Coming Soon

Microsoft might drop a bombshell soon. While the new version of Windows was teased for months till now, there’s more going on now with Microsoft planning to drop a big update which will transform the current Windows to the new release.

The megacorporation plans to unveil the new OS at a Windows Event in June 24th. The Twitter post includes a video of a blue interior with a window that’s refracting light. The light shows two blocks which alludes to the number 11. So it’s deadset that Microsoft wants to finally make the way for a new start this decade.

What’s To Come

At first, there’s going to be very noticeable visual changes. Major changes that will shape the UX as well as aesthetics. This will start with something Microsoft called Sun Valley. Which they referred it to as the “sweeping rejuvenation of Windows”.

A lot of the changes are based on Microsoft’s Windows 10X prototype. With revamps by making a new Start menu, newer system icons, changes to File Explorer, basically everything will be new. No leftovers from old-era Windows 95 even.

But the biggest change comes for Windows Store. This has come to be the biggest request for Microsoft as the store also holds a lot of games, including Microsoft’s first-party titles. It will also be developer friendly, wait it wasn’t though? Third-party games published in the store will only give 12% publishing commission to Microsoft.

Big Things Arriving?

This may seem like maybe it’s one of Microsoft’s more experimental release before finally giving out an OS that is perfected past its flaws. Like Windows XP and 7. Though Microsoft worked on a lot of different prototypes, including 10X which was supposed to released for dual-screen phones but got cancelled. Most of the features, and improvements will be added based on all of their early research, released and non-released products.

Time and time again, Microsoft has proven that their infrastructure on both products and services has improved vastly and that’s mostly due to Satya Nadella being in charge. They are proving this time that it’ll more than an iterative change.

Written by Excalibruh

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