You Can Now Call People Without Cell Signal From Your iPhone 13, Via Satellite

Nope, this isn’t a joke. According to some reports, Apple is creating a satellite link to their upcoming new iPhone series. Of which you can make calls, and send texts with. Based on what Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s analyst said, using Qualcomm X60 chip, will make satellite communications seemingly possible. For the new iPhone 13 phones.

iPhone Space Age

This feature can also geolocate your position, from across the world. Of course, other apps like iMessage or FaceTime aren’t cleared for usage. Probably because you’ll need network bandwidth, which is yet to be provided by the satellite. Then again, could be possible considering Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, which were created to distribute network bandwidth via the signal from space. Meaning you can use it almost anywhere you wanted.

There are phones that exist for satellites, but they lack most features that Smartphone has, and they’re kind of expensive to keep around. Apple to the rescue? Their version comes from using LEO satellite services from Globalstar.

satellite, iphone will be using

While these are mostly just rumors, there are evidences and credible sources to back up these claims. I mean, we’re not far off from depending entirely on satellites in order to use cellular and internet services. One day, that will be the future. The new iPhone could be a start to that future.

The new iPhone is slated to launch in September. Which is nearly a month away from now. Just hearing this, could, I mean really could be speculative advertisement. To increase more interest in getting the new iPhone. As if demand didn’t hit the roof for it as soon as word came out about its existence.

Written by Excalibruh

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